villa 7teules

On this page you will find some information you might find useful as a guest.

Address, Can I send things to the villa?, Step by step directions, Registration info and form, Transport info (including Taxis and Train)


360 VI Son Ramonet
Llubí, PM, 07430


You can send yourself anything to the villa so it is here when you arrive or gets here during your stay. We would recommend mentioning us as a contact just in case the driver needs some last indications to get here.

Post office box is an other alternative, but you should sent it in the name of us.

These step by step directions are to get from the airport to Villa 7Teules. Sat Navs are not perfect when you get away from main roads into the calmness. Follow the directions, specially the last part, if you don’t want the go into someone else’s house.

Wir haben auch Anfahrt Wegbeschreibung Schritt für Schritt vom Flughafen zum Villa 7Teules , wenn Sie es vorziehen.


This registration process is for the local authorities. It is a registration form just like in any hotel or similar. It is requiered from all guests that are 16 years old or older.

It should be done at check-in and signed by the guests. We can of course do in then on your arrival, but if you want to speed up the formality because you will probably want to get into the house, rooms or pool as soon as possible after your trip, you can either:

  • Send us in advance an image of the document at (forms will be ready for you to only have to sign at check-in)

  • Open the form, fill it up and submit it to us (forms will be ready for you to only have to sign at check-in)

  • At arrival (we will try to do the registration as quick as possible so you can start enjoying the villa)


If you need a taxi to get to the airport or anywhere else, the Llubí taxi company phone numbers are +34 971 522 461 or +34 619 300 819. The fair to the airport is 60€ and it will take 35 to 45 minutes. The taxi will come to the house if the villa’s main gate is open, no need to carry luggage to the main gate or road. If you want us to book the taxi in your name to avoid the trouble and any possible language problems, we will gladly do it. You can tell us in person or simply open this form and enter the details, as you prefer.


If you prefer the train, the Llubí train station is only a 2 minute drive away (it has free parking space) or a 35 minute walk. There is a train every 60 minutes, it takes 40 to 46* minute to get to Palma. (* some trains take a bit longer because they stop at more stations)

Monday to Friday the first train from Llubí to Palma is at 7:04 am and the last one is at 22:04 (10:04 pm)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the first train from Llubí to Palma is at 8:15 am and the last one is at 22:15 (10:15 pm)

Here is a link to the train timetables in case you need an other route, want to do some planning or just in case there has been any change

We will gladly decipher these timetables or help you with any doubts that may appear with any of Majorca´s public transport