Directions to Villa 7Teules from the airport:

When leaving the airport, merge onto the motorway Ma-19 (Autovia de Levante) heading towards Palma

After 5 km on Ma-19, take exit 3 onto Ma-20 heading towards Andratx and Alcúdia

(When on exit 3 keep to the left to get onto Ma-20 (if you accidentally get to a roundabout, get the 2nd exit on to Ma-20))

After 3 km on Ma-20, take exit 3B onto Ma-13 heading towards Inca and Port d'Alcúdia

After 27 km (≈17 mi) on Ma-13, take exit 27 heading towards Inca and Lluc (you will have gone past an exit with Inca on the sign, but it is the the next one, check for number 27 and Lluc on the sign)

At the "bridge roundabout" after leaving Ma-13, take the 3rd exit towards road Ma-3440 heading towards the Hospital

After 200 m (220 yd), at the roundabout, take the 1st exit (as if you where going around the Hospital Comarcal d'Inca)

(The road turns right as if going around the Hospital)

After 400 m from the last roundabout, you'll get to an other roundabout, take the 4th exit (not into the Hospital nor its underground parking nor onto a small way, take the 4th exit heading towards Muro and Llubí)(4th exit is pointing towards "10 o’clock")

After 150 m, take the 2nd exit (that goes under the highway)

(You should be on a straight long road)

After 3.5 km of the straight and then curvy road, at the roundabout (just after "Son Catiu" olive press) take the 3rd exit onto Ma-3500 heading towards Muro

(This is where sat navigators may start telling you different)

After 3.4 km on Ma-3500, take the small road to your right (just before the cypresses) towards the Ermita Sant Crist (the Ermita sign is low, old and not very easy to see unless you are actually getting onto this small road)

(Km 3.4, just before the cypresses, the small road to the right)

(Careful because it is a two way small road that narrows, but with very little traffic)

(After 250 m approximately on this small road, you'll go over a small bridge that turns you right, 200 m later you´ll go past an unpaved road to the left, continue on the small road for 500m because it is the second unpaved road to the left, easy to recognise because you'll see a brownish-purplish sign that says "Camí Son Ramonet")

250m + 200m + 500m = 950 m (≈0,6 mi) on the small road

Turn onto that 2nd unpaved road to the left called Camí Son Ramonet

Go on straight for 750 m (0.5 mi), where it widens, to the left you'll see a paved straight way with some palm trees on one side, you are at the gate of the Villa (the gate will be open for you)

Follow the paved way, at the end of it in the middle of those trees you see, is "Villa 7teules" and us (Silvia & Max) to welcome you