All the prices on this website are guaranteed to be the best price for the villa

the villa is for 12 guests (beds)

+  infant-guests* (baby cots)

* tell us if 1 or more infants are coming, just to make sure everything we have is prepared for them


available dates:


21 Mar - 4 Apr (14 nights to choose from)

10 - 14 Apr (4-night stay)

24 Apr - 1 May (4 to 7 nights)

17 - 20 Jun (3-night stay)(27% discount)

29 Jun - 3 Jul (4-night stay)(13% discount)

9 - 14 Jul (4-or-5-night stay)(last dates)

20 - 28 Aug (last August dates to choose from)

11 - 17 Sep (last dates)

29 Sep - 11 Oct (13 nights to choose from)

21 Oct - 2020


2019 - 30 May

06 Jun - …

see prices and more details on your dates of choice further down

March, April and May are all flowers, green countryside and landscapes, nice weather and delicious smells from all our fruit trees. It is never a bad time to enjoy a nice outdoors grill with your loved ones, but these months are definitely the best for it

choose your dates between:

21 Mar  -  4 Apr 2019


(11h/11am) (minimum stay of  4 nights)

10 - 14 Apr



Check-in (16h/4pm) Wednesday 10 Apr

Check-out (11h/11am) Sunday 14 Apr

April and May is when even us the locals start beach season when work gives us a break, we the locals not being know for being in a hurry to start swimming season, but the weather is already too perfect to miss it

choose your dates between:

24 Apr  -  1 May 2019


(11h/11am) (minimum stay of 4 nights)

summer time is officially here though beautiful weather has been with us for more that sometime before these day

(last dates)

17 - 20 Jun 2019

357€/night (before 492€/n)

1071€ (before 1476€)

(27% discount from the before price)

Check-in (16h/4pm) Monday 17 Jun

Check-out (11h/11am) Thursday 20 Jun

(last dates)

29 Jun  -  3 Jul

1708€ (before 1968€)

(13% discount from the before price)

Check-in (16h/4pm) Saturday 29 Jun

Check-out (11h/11am) Wednesday 3 Jul

(last dates)

9 - 14 Jul 2019


Check-in (16h/4pm) Check-out (11h/11am)

(last dates)

20 - 28 Aug 2019


(11h/11am) (minimum stay of 6 nights)

choose your dates between:

11 - 17 Sep 2019

357€/night (before 374€/n)

the week after the 29th of September is know here as “veranillo de San Miguel” or “St. Micheal’s small summer” because summer weather makes a full great last reappearance for that week, before letting the beautiful autumn majorcan weather finally conquer the island

29 Sep  -  11 Oct 2019


October is the last month for sea swimming and pool full enjoyment unless you are one of the braver ones

21 - 31 Oct 2019


(11h/11am) (minimum stay of  5 nights or 4 nights if late October)

for the prices of November to February and other dates further into the future, please contact us

here is a little advance into 2020:

Mar & Apr 2020


01 - 30 May 2020


06 - 30 Jun 2020


Jul & Aug 2020


Mallorca has plenty to offer if you come and visit. Enjoy visiting beautiful villages where time seems to not have gone by, colourful sunsets and skies lit like you have never seen and also the traditional gastronomy that the island has to offer. Visit the Mallorca that centuries ago poets, painters, musicians and nobility came to admire and to be inspire by

Sep & Oct 2020


Request booking for your date of choice (at 16h/4pm) (please mention the year)
Request booking for your date of choice (at 11h/11am) (with a minimum stay of 4 nights)