villa 7teules

Our History


built and established in 1784

Our traditional style house has been owned by the family for a long time. It was rehabilitated as it was as real as a rural house gets, with no electricity, no tap water, the water was from the well and a bucket/pail at a time and indoor heating was produced by the livestock. It was a place of reunion, where family, friends and close ones gathered all together to prepare, cook and then eat arròs brut, panades, frit or cold meats, depending on the season. Freshly picked fruits for dessert and to take away, all finished with long table talks. Distances where seen different then, and anyone that wanted to stay overnight, was welcomed to do so.

The property was reformed now some years ago for the comfort and enjoyment of the owners. Years later it was readapted to become a touristic and guest house.

As the youngest generation we are in charge now of the villa and have been for this last year. Coming from the tourism and hotel business, we feel very fortunate to be able to continue this way of life, working in such a beautiful place and with guests that are and have been so great that we can only do our best to make them feel as comfortable and as welcome as we can.

We look forward to your stay.

Silvia and Max


some extras on history

The teules from Villa 7Teules is the name for the typical rural majorcan roof clay tiles. Those who protect us from the heat and keep us fresh during the summer siesta, that help keeping the warmth inside during winter nights and also keep the rain away

The name Llubí, for the closest town, comes from Roman Castro-Lupino (Wolf-Castle) most likely due to a prehistoric (bronze age) fortification that is still partially standing not too far from the town and don’t worry there are no, and probably have never been, wolves in Majorca, presumably it was just someone´s family name)