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Welcome to Villa 7teules! If you want to visit us, please leave your details in your request so we can contact you

day/month/year and anything you would want to mention
day/month/year and anything you would want to mention
an approximate number is ok if you still don't have a confirmed number
please tell us how many may come, so we prepare things for them

check-in &

check-out time

check-in time: after 16:00/4pm (you can leave your luggage with us in the villa earlier if you wish, until the villa is ready at check-in time)(late check-ins are not a problem, tell us and we’ll be there)

check-out time: before 11:00/11am (you can leave your luggage with us in the villa later if you wish. eg: if you have a late flight and don't want to carry your luggage around for the rest of the day)

Cancellation Policy / payments

Tell us if you would prefer to pay the total amount on your confirmation, but we only ask for 30%

Pay 30% within the week of your confirmation and your dates will be reserved for you (we have a 100% refund cancellation policy within a week after payment, some extra time to get a nice flight or just in case you might want it)

then you can choose between*:

Paying the rest (minus a 5% discount), 5 weeks before arrival


Paying 20% two months before arrival (only necessary when booking June, July, August or September)

then paying another 20% one month before your arrival, we'll keep your dates reserved for you

and finally paying the rest one week before arrival

*The payment schedule you prefer doesn’t have to be chosen until the second payment day arrives


security deposit


(optionally, the last payment is a great moment to include the security deposit if you prefer not to pay it cash on your arrival)

We transfer the security deposit back the day after you leave

(All security deposits have been refunded entirely to this date)